With European Union emphasizing on environmental protection issue, Hi Sharp complies with the regulation and implementation of WEEE and RoHS starting from April of 2005. Hi Sharp assures customers with quality excellence in all our products. We cope with the international environmental policies efficiently with responsibility. 

Hi Sharp has a set of clear and strict environmental management strategies which contribute to environmental protection. Compliance with international regulations, pollution prevention, positive communication and producing green products are the themes that Hi Sharp implements to reduce pollution. 

By applying environmental rules and regulations, Hi Sharp’s foundation would be continually strengthened with business continuity. 


Hi Sharp’s environmental beliefs:

  • Regulatory compliance: Hi Sharp follows and complies with applicable environmental regulations and other requested items. 

  • Pollution prevention: Hi Sharp focuses on pollution control, waste reduction and pollution prevention in order to reduce the exposure of risks.

  • Good communication: HS reinforces a good communication channel which enables the understanding of our environmental policies and related requested targets to our employees, suppliers, contractors and relating parties. 

  • Green product: Low-pollution, energy-saving and high-efficiency are the essence of our belief when we design and develop  a new product or technology.

Based on the statements above, Hi Sharp will strive to continually improve our environmental performance.