Epidemic prevention actions. Hi SHARP donated thermal cameras to Taoyuan City Government

Company Activity
Mar. 03, 2020

Epidemic prevention actions. Hi sharp donated thermal cameras to Taoyuan City Government.

In response to the Taoyuan City government's epidemic prevention policy, Hi sharp has not only strengthened the epidemic prevention measures in the factory and improved employees' knowledge of infectious diseases and epidemic prevention, but also donated a set of infrared thermal imaging cameras to assist the Taoyuan City government in enhancing epidemic prevention work.

Taoyuan Mayor Motto Cheng presented a certificate of appreciation and praised HI SHARP at the Taoyuan City Disaster Response Center and the Epidemic Prevention Project Meeting today, HI SHARP is actively participated in the epidemic prevention work and jointly safeguarding the health of the citizens.

HI Sharp invites you to protect yourself and others together, and do a good job of epidemic prevention together. Your small step is a big step in epidemic prevention.