Surveillance market is getting better. HI SHARP is preparing to extend the market.

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Mar. 02, 2021

Surveillance market is getting better. HI SHARP is preparing to extend the market.

Mr. Jerry, President of HI SHARP, is the first chairman of Taiwan Industry Association of Intelligent Security and Safety since the end of 2019.He urged to upgrade Taiwanese security industry hard. He said: "In the past 10 years, Taiwanese factories lost market shares enormously due to China. But now, the current international phenomenon and information security issues caused an opportunity for Taiwanese surveillance industry turn all over again. The OEM orders return from Europe and America is inevitable. Taiwan is still the most stable place and has great energy for production and R&D. We have a great opportunity and we take the chance."

HI SHARP was established in 1987 and developed a lot in R&D, manufacturing and sales of surveillance system. In the early days, HI SHARP focused on overseas market. Few years ago, HI SHARP turned to domestic sales, Southeast Asia and Japanese markets. HI SHARP also invested R&D resource aggressively to automotive products. Now, car safety products occupied 40% revenue of HI SHARP. In 2017, HI SHARP started to develop non-HiSilicon chip platform.

In addition, system integration in domestic market has tens of billions of Taiwanese dollars a year. HI SHARP has invested a lot,such as video combined with access control management, site management systems for schools, hospitals, factories, etc. Mr. Jerry said: "We have hardware and software techniques. In the second half of 2019, we entered the system integration field. The synergy is expected to appear one after another." The ultimate goal of system integration in the future is to sell different modules worldwide. Jerry believes that system integration is flexible and it will be the momentum in the future. Furthermore, he also believes that AIoT will have strong inquiry from global demand in the next three to five years. The team has begun to evaluate the platform and scheduled to start the business in the future.

Since early last year, HI SHARP team has settled down all things to improve the products more comprehensive and train the members with skillful professional abilities during the pandemic. HS’s revenue in January, the slow season, still reached TWD 76.9 million. We expected the growth gradually this year.