Launch of TISS Heralds New Opportunities for National Team on Security Surveillance

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Oct. 18, 2021
The automobile industry is going through its biggest change in a century and this is driving the trend towards C.A.S.E (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified) in the global industry. Caravision focuses on the research and development of onboard safety and surveillance equipment based around the theme of “Moving Intelligence.” Products related to smart vehicles such as millimetric radar camera, ADAS, digital dashcam and automated number plate recognition were showcased at E-Mobility Taiwan by the company.
Security Surveillance

Smart Vehicles

Caravision stated that the company is working on ways to reduce accidents due to the inner turning radius of large trucks, helping drivers avoid deadly collision due to obstructed vision, and continuing to optimize vision-based driver assistance solutions. The product is ISO/TS 16949 qualified with 1080p cameras and enhanced night vision in all models to prevent impaired performance or reduced accuracy when passing through low-light areas.

More recent efforts have concentrated on collision avoidance alert products such as blind spot detection, reverse alert and corner radar. Millimetric radar camera based on the sensor fusion of video data from car cameras and 79 GHz millimetric radar. Object distance, speed and angle information can be processed to detect the vehicle’s surroundings and obstacles on the road for a complete picture of driving conditions. The technology has already been applied to domestic logistics vehicles to reduce the risk of accidents and protect the safety of the driver and other road-users.

Driving for extended periods can test a driver’s mental condition and endurance. Commercial vehicles in particular suffer from impaired field of view, long braking distance, and large blind spots due to their size and length. Caravision partnered with its parent company Hi Sharp (3128) to develop better products for the smart transportation market by introducing cutting-edge AI technology from the surveillance sector. Image recognition that Hi Sharp has refined over many years was combined with the AI Box smart video analysis box to deliver in-depth learning and analytics. These were developed into different ADAS architectures including those for reminding the driver to keep a safe distance from the vehicle to the front, detection of road conditions to either side of the road, driver fatigue warning, alcohol interlock, and speed limit sign recognition in order to provide a smoother, safer driving environment. The company helps customers develop high-quality onboard equipment that complies with different national standards.

Caravision also noted that its digital dash cameras use digital data and high-capacity memory to improve convenience for transportation operators and drivers. Once drivers manually input their data or insert their employee card at the start of the shift, the system will record the vehicle’s real-time status such as ignitions, shutdowns, and stops, as well as duration, speed, engine RPM, GPS location, mileage, idling time and other information while driving. Logged information can be reviewed more quickly and trace data from the digital tachograph can be downloaded and printed right away. Competent authorities can use the actual data during decision-making instead of bringing in specialists to interpret the data, greatly simplifying fleet management.

On addition to the vision-based driver assistance solutions for large commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, semi-trailers, garage trucks and logistics trucks, the company has also developed an automatic number plate recognition system that uses the latest deep learning techniques for character recognition. The system offers improved efficiency and processing speed when applied to number plate or object recognition. Caravision hopes to work with other partners to expand its presence in the global smart mobility market.