Hi Sharp Showcases Smart Construction Site Solution

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Oct. 19, 2022

Upgrading Occupational Safety with AI Learning

Secutech 2022 is a 3-day event that runs from April 27 (Wed) through April 29 (Fri). Hi Sharp (Booth 527) is a leading provider of smart surveillance solutions in Taiwan with a comprehensive portfolio of surveillance product lines. The company will take the opportunity to showcase its innovations and applications for smart AI recognition in the surveillance industry; those that complete the given mission during the show will also go into the draw to win a hard drive and other products.

Upgrading safety management performance at construction sites with AI image recognition

This year’s exhibition is divided into eight zones with site management as the design theme to show how image management, access control, and AI imaging technology can help security personnel efficiently manage all contractor personnel and vehicular traffic. AI techniques such as a new form of geo-fencing, automated alerts, real-time environmental safety monitoring, worker behavior detection, smoke and fire detection, and PPE detection are used to implement early warning and prevention of occupational injuries, promote process safety during construction, and provide a worker-friendly environment.

To develop data analytics services based on video surveillance, Hi Sharp is not only working to develop better product specifications but is also committed to becoming a supplier of one-stop service solutions. The highlight this year for example was an integrated platform for centralized video surveillance. The centralized video surveillance integration platform can be tailored to customer requirements through the integration of various AI deep recognition analytics. The next-generation combat information management platform will prove that Hi Sharp has the ability to provide a better and more complete solution.

昇鋭電子 secutech
昇鋭電子 secutec
昇鋭電子 secutec

The Caravision subsidiary is continuing to build on the parent company’s experience from more than 30 years in the surveillance industry and has specialized in automotive surveillance equipment since it was founded in 2014. It has since developed driver vision assistance solutions for the commercial market. This year, it will showcase all-new digital dash cameras, millimetric radar sensing and other products related to smart vehicles. These will satisfy the requirements of global transportation and logistics operators by providing drivers with a safer and more convenient driving experience.

Between 4/27 (Wed) and 4/29 (Fri), Hi Sharp will host a daily live stream through the “Security A-Kui” Youtube channel to attract vendor participation. Simply complete the online or on-site mission for a chance to take a 6TB HDD home with you. Stock is limited so only while stocks last.