HI SHARP displayed AI construction site solution

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Oct. 19, 2022

AI deep learning takes the security into next level

2022 Taipei (Secutch) during 4/27~4/29 (3 days events), Taiwan surveillance intelligent solution provider HI SHARP Electronics (Booth no. 527), displayed surveillance product line & take this opportunity to demonstrate innovation AI intelligent application.

Using AI recognition to Improve Site Safety Management Efficiency

There are eight sections in this exhibition, designed with the theme of construction site management, showing how the construction area integrated total solution covers: image management, access control management and AI technology to assist security control and efficiently manage the attendance of all contractors and vehicles on the construction site. Also capable to provide electronic fences, alarms, real-time environmental safety monitoring, labor behavior detection, smoke and fire detection, PPE wear detection and other AI intelligent technologies to achieve early warning for occupational disaster prevention purposes, to ensure the construction process safety and labor-friendly work environment.

HI SHARP is dedicated to data analysis services based on video surveillance, not only improving product specifications, but also demonstrating its determination to become a one-stop service solution provider, especially the central video surveillance integration platform as biggest highlight. The central image monitoring integration platform can be customized according to customer needs combined with multiple AI functions and analysis. The new generation of management platform will prove that HI SHARP has the capability to provide more suitable and comprehensive total solutions.

昇鋭電子 secutech
昇鋭電子 secutec
昇鋭電子 secutec

The subsidiary Caravision has technical advantages from parent company HI SHARP in the field of security control for more than 30 years. Since its establishment in 2014 (Caravision), it has specialized in vehicle safety monitoring equipments, and continues to develop driving vision assistance solutions for the commercial vehicle field. The new digital dash cam, radar sensing and other related products of vehicle intelligence will be displayed to bring a safer and more convenient driving experience to the driver.