Caravision Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Industry Coverage
Dec. 14, 2022

Caravision can draw on more than 30 years of technical expertise in the security and safety industry from its parent company Hi Sharp. The company has specialized in automotive security surveillance equipment since it was founded in 2014. A flexible portfolio of automotive video products has been compiled through product development, production, software application and system integration. The company has been cultivating the commercial vehicle market for many years with an emphasis on reducing the accident rate among large vehicles. Series products have obtained IATF 16949 quality certification and automotive cameras are rated for 1080p resolution with enhanced low-light video performance to avoid ineffectiveness or loss of accuracy.

To prepare for the coming of smart mobility, Caravision partnered with Hi Sharp to target the market niche for smart transportation. This includes introducing AI smart technology to the security and safety sector, developing a blue print for future smart vehicles, and the introduction of AI video recognition technology for all smart products based on ADAS including vision-based driver assistance, tire pressure monitoring, 16-1 digital dashcam, forward collision alert, lane departure alert, blind spot detection, fatigue detection, alcohol interlock, anti-collision radar. Video, distance measurement, recognition and continuous monitoring of internal/external real-time information are employed to generate a more reliable analysis of the vehicle's surrounding environment.

In addition developing ADAS application modules and systems that conform to international automotive image sensing standards and cloud integration technology, smart, the communication module (4G/5G) embedded in dash cameras will realize low-latency integration between the device and cloud server. The incident video can also be uploaded to the cloud server where it can be reviewed in real-time by the central command center via the fleet management platform. Driver and vehicle safety is enhanced by breaking down the limitations on space and time.