Hi Sharp Embraces Focus on NDAA-Compliant Security Solutions

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Mar. 15, 2023
Hi Sharp Electronics (Hi Sharp), a leading Taiwanese video surveillance brand, is building upon its core competency in solutions that are compliant with the USA's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to expand its reputation as a trusted source of security solutions for American enterprises.
Hi Sharp Embraces Focus on NDAA-Compliant Security Solutions

The USA’s NDAA has generated a shift in global security requirements as the country continues to take measures to secure its supply chain. Establishing high standards for products, with NDAA-compliant offerings maintaining top quality levels, is a key aspect of the law that has the added benefit of supporting businesses that work with US government agencies.

Such businesses are key customers for Hi Sharp — a security brand known for reliability and an extensive range of products, including its various NDAA-compliant Wi-Fi and IP cameras. As part of the brand’s efforts to bring the cutting edge to customers, it is continuously innovating and creating new security solutions.

With competitive expertise in NDAA compliance and a strong commitment to creating products according to exacting standards, Hi Sharp is solidifying its position to cater to this growing market.

A Trusted Security Brand

With over 35 years of experience building a reputation for reliable video surveillance solutions, Hi Sharp has amassed a wealth of expertise and insight into the security industry, continuously demonstrating its ability to get ahead of security trends and provide solutions that work against present and future threats.

“Our internal research and development teams on both the software and hardware fronts have allowed Hi Sharp to move past our competition not just on the basis of our quality products, but also because of our wide range of solutions that cater to every security need,” said Jerry Chiang, Chairman of Hi Sharp. “Our teams of over 80 senior, experienced R&D engineers and product experts will always be on hand to keep us ahead of the curve, and we look forward to continuing to push the envelope for the security space in the future.”

The company’s extensive capabilities across artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), original equipment and design manufacturing (OEM and ODM), and more allows Hi Sharp to deliver leading-edge security solutions to the USA and other top markets.

Additionally, while its main products come from in-house development, Hi Sharp also has a strong reputation as an OEM and ODM partner.

History of Success

The legacy of success at Hi Sharp is not just evident in corporations it partners with, but also in its work in other integral areas of national and public security. Previous projects have seen Hi Sharp provide monitoring of railway sections and engineering operations, as well as assist in special monitoring of national prisons, hospitals, police stations, bus lanes, and more at its home base in Taiwan.

In addition, construction sites for key infrastructure — power plants, airports, mass rapid transit, and public works — have been enhanced by Hi Sharp’s sophisticated solutions for AI smart construction site management. This includes face and vehicle recognition clearance, behavior recognition detection, smoke detection, electronic fencing, and machine tool detection.

To showcase its solutions, Hi Sharp will be attending a number of trade shows in 2023, including the IFSEC exhibition in London in May, where interested parties can learn more about what the company offers in the security space.

About Hi Sharp Electronics

Hi Sharp has been established in the security industry for over 35 years and is dedicated to research, development, original equipment manufacturing, original and joint design manufacturing, and marketing of high-quality video surveillance solutions across camera hardware and integrated systems and services.