Expanding into AI and Cloud for Surveillance Solutions

Industry Coverage
Dec. 28, 2023

Hi Sharp Video surveillance system maker will launch new AIoT product line in 2024; continues to lead the market for electronics manufacturing services

Hi Sharp, a leading maker of video surveillance systems, is globally announcing its expansion into AI and cloud-based technologies for video capture. Set to unveil a new range of AIoT products in 2024, the brand’s latest move further solidifies its position as a leading maker of advanced security solutions and top provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for the sector.

“AI, cloud and deep learning in video surveillance have tremendous potential, and we’re thrilled to provide Hi Sharp customers around the world with AI and cloud capabilities for security,” noted Jerry Chiang, Chairman of Hi Sharp. “This strategic move demonstrates our commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to ensure our clients have surveillance platforms they can trust and rely on.”



Leading provider of custom surveillance camera solutions

With over 35 years of experience in the security and surveillance industry, Hi Sharp distinguishes itself in the market with its leadership in EMS — covering white-label surveillance camera options, ODM security camera designs and OEM surveillance camera manufacturing — having a particular impact across critical infrastructure, construction and urban development, medical institutions, public security, energy infrastructure, major transportation hubs, and more.

Specifically, it has several key strengths:

  • Customer-driven approach: Hi Sharp excels in delivering flexibility by balancing the trifecta of time, cost, and quality, with industry-leading quality control that consistently meets the exacting standards of European and US client brands. Also, with dynamic production capabilities, it is always able to rise to the challenge of meeting tight turnaround times and short production timelines.

  • Depth of customizability: Hi Sharp’s strong EMS capabilities and broad product range ensure highly customizable solutions that are tailored to customers’ unique problems.

  • Cutting-edge technological capabilities: The upcoming product line launching in 2024 is enhancing security with AIoT-powered surveillance systems — through compatibility with third-party clouds and a wide range of AI applications.


In addition to bringing Hi Sharp’s customers positive experiences and reliable surveillance systems, these strategic advantages have propelled the brand to secure over 50% of global market share among Taiwan-based security hardware makers and to the No. 1 spot in Taiwan for surveillance solution distribution channels, ensuring trusted service for its home market as well as internationally.

“Our success comes from always striving for the best for our customers, no matter the ask,” continued Chairman Chiang. “If customers come to us with a problem, we can always guarantee we will find the solution to fix it.”

Moreover, the brand has embraced the USA’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to expand its reputation as a trusted source of security solutions for American enterprises, and it has already become a major player in the market for Trade Adjustment Act- (TAA) and NDAA-compliant surveillance camera systems.