The Future Arrives in 2024 Security Led by Hi Sharp's Flagship SVR

Industry Coverage
Feb. 19, 2024
Hi Sharp has successfully deployed its latest SVR solution in Japan and Taiwan, reinforcing AI technology implementation in both markets. 


Hi Sharp, a leading maker of NDAA-compliant surveillance camera systems, has officially announced its AI-powered, multi-use surveillance platform – SVR. Slated for release in Q2 2024, the platform delivers a highly customizable, customer-driven solution that leverages multiple AI technologies for deploying future-ready capabilities in numerous industries.

SVR has been deployed in parking lots and railways across Japan, as well as construction sites and convenience store chains in Taiwan. This extensive rollout has propelled the implementation of AI technology in the Japanese and Taiwanese markets forward. Hi Sharp’s new SVR platform brings highly customizable AI surveillance capabilities to new markets across an extensive range of industries.

“SVR epitomizes what we are known for — our distinctive blend of customer-centric, highly customizable solutions and broad, advanced technological capabilities,” remarked Jerry Chiang, Chairman of Hi Sharp. “More broadly, we are leading the charge of AI-powered surveillance while also making the technology more applicable to use cases outside of security, making this a key turning point not only for our brand but several industries worldwide.”

Highly customizable AI platform with top-tier hardware

Hi Sharp is launching two models: SVR and SVR Lite. Both run on a customized Intel® CPU. SVR is powered by a Linux-based NVIDIA® processor designed and developed in Taiwan to deliver superior AI computing power optimized for large-scale enterprise deployments. SVR Lite utilizes a Hailo® processor tailored specifically for AI analysis, upgrading existing small-to-medium scale analog surveillance setups with AI in a simple, cost-effective manner.

Both models deliver:

SVR features: The AI models have been carefully trained to deliver highly reliable and accurate output. The state-of-the-art platforms have tripwires and are capable of deep learning in video surveillance, image and sound analysis, tripwires in human shapes/ pedestrians/vehicle/excavator/trucks/scooters/forklifts, fire, smoke, gender and age, motion, loitering, queue and parking time detection, and object counting. Furthermore, the platform integrates data from multiple sources — such as cameras, sensors, and GPS — with a recording function and instant notifications to alert users to potential security risks. The main advantage of SVR report data analytics is in producing analytical reports for owners so that they may improve the intelligent analysis of stores and areas. This also facilitates future adjustments to the venue, thus helping businesses add value to their services.In addition, SVR’s user-friendly interface facilitates rapid response and decision-making, and its cybersecurity and data privacy are built around stringent international standards.

1. Ability to disrupt multiple industries: Through greatly enhancing safety, operational efficiency, and intelligent analytics, SVR is poised to have a significant impact across various sectors:

• Commercial and retail: Optimizing merchandise display, customer service, security, and parking lot management of convenience stores and supermarkets. 
Transportation and logistics: (1)Vehicle monitoring, cargo tracking, and traffic management (2)Monitoring public vehicles and passengers for safety and real-time information
• Urban security: Monitoring public places and large events
• Education: Enhancing security and resource planning in schools 
• Entertainment and tourism: Crowd statistics to improve safety and visitor experiences
• Hospitality: Enhancing customer service at check-in by monitoring people flows and fire and smoke detection for essential hospital areas.
• Medical institutions: Ensuring safe evacuation and resource allocation in emergencies
• Corporate office spaces or construction sites: Monitoring people flow to optimize workspace design and safety measures for sites and staff management during check-in and check-out to ensure all staff wear safety helmets and vests. 
• Banks and financial institutions: Tracking customer traffic, managing security, and preventing theft.

2.Variety of field applications: Designed as a highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable platform for an array of applications, Hi Sharp’s technical experts can consult with customers on how to fully tailor and configure it to their needs, industry, and specific space. 

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