AI intelligent facial recognition leads the dual-track approach of smart construction sites

Industry Coverage
Jun. 12, 2024

Against the backdrop of global challenges such as sustainability, environmental protection, and labor shortages, enterprises are increasingly focusing on creating intelligent value to save energy and even achieve policy goals for industrial transformation. However, factories face many challenges in managing the flow of people in project-based or large-scale construction sites, as personnel movement both inside and outside the premises is complex, including the entry and exit of many subcontractor personnel. Therefore, there are significant challenges in security management. At this point, the facial recognition access control and attendance management platform injects vitality into the security monitoring of factory premises. According to the authoritative market research firm Mordor Intelligence, the facial recognition market is predicted to reach $6.61 billion by 2024 and is expected to reach $14 billion by 2029, with a growth rate of 16.20%. It is evident that the application of facial recognition technology will gradually extend to various aspects of people's lives.

Access Control Attendance Smart Analysis Grasping the forefront of intelligent technology

To meet the demand for AI solutions for site access control, Hi Sharp's 'Access Control Attendance Management System' combines technologies such as facial recognition cameras, access control attendance, vehicle identification, card readers, and Network Video Management System (NVMS2.0). Its main purpose is to effectively manage access to workplaces, including collecting and managing data such as records of personnel entering and exiting the work area, monitoring vehicle entry and exit, and attendance records. In addition, the access control attendance management system also supports integration with third-party payroll management systems, achieving comprehensive human resource management.

Support for Mobile Device Inspection Ensures No Blind Spots in Site Monitoring

Hi Sharp's access control attendance management system, through flexible requirement settings, can accommodate the management needs of different work areas, ensuring the security and efficiency of access management. At the same time, the system supports mobile device applications, allowing management personnel to conveniently access and analyze relevant data from their smartphones or tablet devices, enhancing management efficiency. The Management can even remotely query the situation of factory personnel without entering the factory premises, thereby optimizing management processes and human resource allocation.

Access control system terminals include functions such as facial recognition, attendance management, support for card swiping, access permissions, people counting, and information dashboard management analysis. In addition, the access control attendance management system utilizes facial recognition technology, allowing facial recognition even when wearing masks, thereby solving issues such as forgetting to bring cards, problems with fingerprint card swiping, or hygiene concerns. In today's global situation of frequent viruses, the concepts of 'contactless' and 'avoiding gatherings' have become deeply ingrained, making this technological application even more relevant to current needs.

Smart Guest Image Recognition Wins Customer Favor

Hi Sharp's access control attendance management system provides enterprises with a comprehensive and intelligent solution, which can improve the time efficiency of personnel management and reduce costs, thus gaining a greater advantage in the market competition. In addition, through the innovative application of facial recognition, a personalized guest welcome image recognition feature can be established for customers. By integrating image capture from front-end IPC cameras and AI computation with back-end NVR host technology, guest welcoming, attendance taking, and management information can be embedded into the software's backend database, making the process of welcoming distinguished guests more personalized. Through continuous innovation and application, facial recognition camera technology will bring more convenience and security to people's lives, promoting the continuous improvement and enhancement of enterprise management and social governance.

Access control attendance management systems not only improve management efficiency and reduce costs but also provide enterprises with greater advantages in market competition. With the increasing attention to the security protection market and the advancement of AI technology in the security market, the application scope of facial recognition technology continues to expand. This technology has penetrated various fields such as corporate factories, retail stores, medical institutions, office buildings, and entertainment venues, promoting the development and improvement of related products and services. Therefore, the development and application of facial recognition technology will bring about significant changes and enhancements in enterprise management and social governance.

Through continuous innovation and application, we can expect facial recognition camera technology to play a greater role in the future, bringing more convenience and security to people's lives. In this rapidly changing era, embracing advanced technology, continuously focusing on and investing in facial recognition technology, will help enterprises better cope with various challenges, improve efficiency, and provide better service and experiences to customers.

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