Smart City summit & Expo HI SHARP demonstrate the diversity solutions in surveillance market

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Mar. 23, 2021

智慧城市展2021 Smart city summit & Expo hold in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2. HI SHARP Electronics Co. Ltd. (3128), in recently years focus surveillance hardware / AI / IoT / Edge & deep learning with consolidated diversify solutions & demonstrate the new products.

HI SHARP’s access control system also integrated the AI face recognition / facial attendance control / ANPR and other customized functions to integrate into actual application, currently have accumulated more successful cases such as TaiPower plant, hospital & infrastructure construction site etc…

HI SHARP also provides AI hardware HS-X022KA equipped NVIDIA Jetson Nano platform which offer the best hardware solution for software developer to implement AI Edge Camera. AI Box (HS-H025KB) provides the AI solution for Analog Camera, without changes on your current analog system, it offers facial recognition, thermal detection, License Number Plate recognition, smoke detection & fire detection which suitable for commercial applications.

HI SHARP’s subsidiary Caravision specializes in automotive image processing technology. It has steadily developed foreign channels. This time, it also displayed ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and driving vision assistance systems related products, including commercial Car-specific 720P/1080P/ADAS car front camera and 1080P/IP68/IR side camera, as well as 9-inch commercial composite screen and 8-channel/H.265/1080P high-definition dash camera.

Since 4 years ago, HI SHARP already started to invest on Non HiSilicon platform & took this opportunity to join the NDAA section. HI SHARP introduced N4 series apply the Realtek chip & comply with NDAA. For 5MP Camera HI SHARP launched KD series which will develop more IVS functions in the near future.

HI SHARP exhibited a number of new technologies developed in recent years, which is expected to continue the growth momentum and enhance its competitive advantages to support future growth.