Hi Sharp Shows Off Crossover Surveillance Capability at 2021 Smart City Expo

Press Center
Mar. 23, 2021

智慧城市展2021 Smart City Expo kicked off with much fanfare today at Taipei’s Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2. Hi Sharp (3128), the leading maker of surveillance solutions, has been concentrating on the development of integrated services that combine technologies across various fields such as AI, IoT, edge coming and deep learning in recent years. It has now chosen showcase the results of its R&D in the form of key products at the show.

The surveillance and access control integration system from Hi Sharp combines facial recognition, facial recognition attendance management, number plate recognition, access control, and custom work logic such as access requirements, industrial safety management and other functions. The modular system can be integrated with the customer’s existing hardware architecture to meet the requirements of different project sites and improve management efficiency. The solution is one the company’s star products for 2021 and has been successfully deployed to many locations including power plants, large teaching hospitals, and construction sites of infrastructure projects.

For developers working on AI-related software, the Hi Sharp HS-X022KA with NVIDIA Jetson Nano and a dedicated edge computing camera for AI front-end recognition offers the best hardware solution for rapid commercialization.The HS-H025KB edging computing AI Box provides an AI recognition solution for analog cameras without having to make changes to the analog architecture. In addition to facial recognition, facial thermal detection, number plate recognition, human detection, and vehicle detection, it can also support capacity/people counting and fire detection for high-demand commercial, site, factory, or residential applications.

Hi Sharp subsidiary Caravision specializes in automotive image processing technologies and has been steadily growing its overseas channels with the support of its parent company’s brand. Products being showcased at the show include ADAS and vision-based driver assistance system products including 720P/1080P/ADAS automotive front view cameras and 1080P/IP68/IR automotive side-view cameras for commercial vehicles, 9” commercial hybrid displays, and 8-channel/H.265/1080P HD dash cameras.

Hi Sharp started development on non-Hisilicon platforms four years ago and set up a NDAA (US National Defense Authorization Act) with Taiwanese IC area at its booth this year. The N4 series is based on the Realtek platform to provide existing users of Hisilicon chipsets with a painless option for upgrading to IP products without AI functionality. The KD series is a premium product with AI functionality that incorporates human detection, vehicle detection, as well as zone and people counting functions.

The numerous new technologies developed by Hi Sharp in recent years on display will hopefully support the company’s continued growth, strength its competitive edge and provide a boost to its future business.