Product Introduction

SVR is an advanced AI analysis platform independently developed by Hi Sharp, providing a variety of intelligent analysis functions in various application scenarios. It is expected to be compatible with NVIDIA 3060 or higher graphics cards in the second quarter of 2024 and can be customized with an Intel CPU based on performance requirements. This platform includes recording functionality, providing highly accurate intelligent analysis. The Hi Sharp technical team can offer hardware specifications and solution consultations tailored to specific needs in various situations.

  • Versatile AI Analysis Platform: SVR is a multifunctional AI analysis platform that can be applied to various application scenarios. It provides a variety of intelligent analysis functions, including image analysis, sound analysis, natural language processing, and more. This makes it highly flexible and capable of meeting the diverse needs of different fields, such as security surveillance, production optimization, customer service, and more.
  • Hardware Compatibility: SVR is expected to be compatible with host machines featuring NVIDIA 3060 or higher versions in the second quarter of 2024. Additionally, it allows the option to customize with an Intel CPU to meet performance requirements across diverse application scenarios. This hardware compatibility ensures the operational efficiency and performance of SVR.
  • Highly Accurate Intelligent Analysis: SVR features highly accurate intelligent analysis capabilities, contributing to more reliable results. Its AI technology is meticulously trained to handle various scenarios, delivering precise data and reports.
  • Customized Solutions: The Hi Sharp technical team offers hardware specifications and solution consultation services to ensure that SVR can be tailored to specific requirements. This helps guarantee that SVR can meet customer expectations to the fullest extent and deliver optimal performance and value.

SVR:Nvidia Linux base /intel

The SVR version offers highly customizable intelligent analysis functions, providing corresponding hardware support based on different needs. Equipped with high-performance NVIDIA chips, it delivers outstanding computational capabilities to meet the intelligent application requirements of enterprise users in various fields.

  1. Highly Customizable Intelligent Analysis: The SVR version emphasizes high customization, providing corresponding intelligent analysis features based on the unique needs of each enterprise user. This means that businesses can adjust and configure the SVR according to the requirements of their specific industry and application areas to achieve optimal results. Whether it's for security monitoring, production optimization, market analysis, or other applications, the SVR can provide appropriate solutions.
  2. High-Performance NVIDIA Chip Support: The SVR version is equipped with a high-performance NVIDIA chip, providing excellent computing power. This means that the SVR can handle complex AI analysis tasks such as image recognition, deep learning, etc., and deliver high-speed computation to ensure fast and reliable results.
  3. Adaptable to a Variety of Intelligent Application Needs: The SVR version is designed to adapt to not only a single domain but a variety of domains with diverse intelligent application needs. Whether it's in office environments, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, or other fields, SVR can provide value. Its flexibility makes it an all-encompassing tool for different industries.
SVR product features

SVR LITE:Hailo / intel

SVR LITE version emphasizes simplification and cost-effectiveness while providing the intelligent features and performance required for small-scale areas. Its compatibility, applicability, and technical support make it an ideal solution for small-scale areas and small IP installations, contributing to enhanced security, efficiency, and value.

The SVR LITE version can be seamlessly integrated with existing hardware equipment, including cameras and hosts, to expand intelligent analysis functionalities without the need to modify the current architecture. This simplified solution provides value-added smart features for small-scale environments and meets the requirements of small IP projects by offering an expanded 4-channel intelligent AI support. The solution utilizes Hailo chips, aiming to achieve cost-effectiveness, especially suitable for small-scale environments and analog setups or small IP projects with existing equipment.

  1. Compatibility with existing hardware: The SVR LITE version emphasizes compatibility with existing hardware, including cameras and hosts. This means that businesses can expand intelligent analysis functionalities using their current cameras and hosts without the need for extensive architectural changes. This provides a simplified and cost-effective way for small-scale environments to enhance intelligent features.
  2. Meeting the needs of small IP environments: The design of the SVR LITE version takes into account the requirements of small IP environments, providing 4CH expanded intelligent AI support. This allows small IP environments to leverage SVR LITE for additional intelligent analysis functions, such as image recognition, motion detection, object counting, etc., to enhance security and efficiency.
  3. Hailo Chip Technology: The SVR LITE version utilizes Hailo chip technology, which is a hardware solution optimized for AI computations. This ensures that the SVR LITE version has high-performance and fast computing capabilities when handling complex AI tasks, while also providing cost-effectiveness.
  4. Applicable to Small-Scale Areas and Analog Architectures: The SVR LITE version is especially suitable for small-scale areas and existing equipment with analog architectures. It provides the functionality and performance required for small-scale areas without the need for extensive infrastructure changes. This expands the application scope of SVR LITE, making it an ideal choice for small-scale areas.

SVR LITE product features

SVR and SVR LITE have their own unique features, allowing customers to choose based on their needs and scenarios, providing high-quality intelligent analysis solutions for various industries.

  • Integration of Multiple Data Sources: SVR supports the integration of various data sources, including cameras, sensors, GPS, etc. This means that it can gather data from different sources, providing a more comprehensive intelligent analysis and reporting.
  • Real-time Alerts and Notifications: SVR can instantly identify and respond to specific events, sending alert notifications to users to enhance security and efficiency. This makes it highly valuable in monitoring and addressing potential risks.
  • High Scalability: SVR's architecture has high scalability, allowing easy expansion based on user requirements to meet the evolving needs of different environments.
  • Highly Accurate Intelligent Analysis: SVR's intelligent analysis features are highly accurate, capable of identifying and analyzing various objects and events, providing more valuable data and information.
  • User-Friendly Interface: SVR features an intuitive user interface, allowing users to easily access and comprehend intelligent analysis results, and make quick decisions accordingly.
  • Safety and Privacy Protection: SVR has given significant consideration to safety and privacy protection, ensuring the security of data and compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

—— Intelligent Analytics Capabilities ——

Detection of human-like objects
Recognition of safety helmets
Calculation of the duration of workers' stay in the rest area
Firework detection

Electronic fencing for human figures

—— Various Fields Industries  ——


Commercial and Retail
Used for monitoring stores, shopping centers, restaurants, etc., to optimize customer service and security management.


Entertainment and Tourism
Includes amusement parks, exhibitions, stadiums, etc., used to provide visitor traffic statistics to improve safety  experience.


Transportation and Logistics 
In the freight, transportation, and logistics industries, used for vehicle monitoring, traffic management.


Public Transportation
Used on buses, and other public transportation vehicles to monitor vehicles and passengers, provide real-time, and safety alerts.


Academic and Education
Used in schools and other academic institutions to monitor students, improving security planning.


Medical Institutions
Used in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to ensure safe evacuation and resource allocation in emergencies.

Case Study

  • Worksite Access Control (Hsinta Power Plant)
  • Fireworks Detection (Taiwan Taipei Veterans General Hospital)
  • Railway Station (Taiwan Fengming Station Project)
  • Occupational Safety Monitoring (Taiwan Magu Creek Disaster Reduction Project)
  • Parking Lot Monitoring (Japan Security House)

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