The Vehicle Camera AI product is an advanced technological solution applied to automotive safety and monitoring. Equipped with high-resolution lenses and artificial intelligence algorithms, these cameras can monitor driving behavior, detect potential accidents, and function as dashcams. They provide real-time monitoring, data analysis, and reporting, offering valuable tools for fleet management and individual drivers to enhance safety and driving efficiency.

Solution Features

  • Safety Monitoring: Provides real-time vehicle safety monitoring, helping to prevent traffic accidents, identify dangerous driving behavior, and improve driver safety.
  • Driver Behavior Analysis: Analyzes driver behavior, including speeding, abrupt braking, illegal lane changes, etc., to improve driving behavior and enhance road safety.
  • Potential Accident Detection: Automatically detects and records possible traffic accidents, providing crucial evidence to assist with insurance claims and legal proceedings.
  • Dash Cam Function: Serves as a dash cam, recording video and audio during the driving process, providing reliable evidence.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Remote Access: Supports fleet managers in real-time monitoring and accessing vehicle data remotely to enhance management efficiency.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Generates detailed data reports, including driving records, driver behavior analysis, and potential accident reports, to help businesses better manage and analyze vehicle operations.
  • Fleet Management: Provides valuable tools to improve fleet management, reduce costs, enhance safety, and offer crucial business insights.
  • Safety and Privacy Protection: Ensures the security of data while complying with relevant privacy regulations, protecting the privacy of drivers and businesses.

The features of the AI solution for vehicle cameras include providing comprehensive vehicle monitoring and safety functions to enhance road safety, improve driving behavior, and offer valuable data support for fleet management and business operations.

—  Technical Features  —

Vehicle Camera AI solution to provide highly intelligent vehicle monitoring and safety functions,
contributing to improved driver safety, enhanced fleet management efficiency, and the provision of reporting capabilities.


Deep learning and image recognition

Utilizing deep learning technology, it can achieve highly accurate image recognition, identifying and tracking various objects, including other vehicles, pedestrians, and road signs.


Real-time image processing 

Capable of real-time image processing, handling high-resolution camera outputs, and providing instant alerts and information.


Deep monitoring and analysis

Capable of deep monitoring of the surrounding environment of the vehicle to identify potential dangerous situations.


Data storage and management

Capable of efficiently storing and managing large amounts of images and data for easy retrieval and analysis in the future.


Remote access and control 

Supports remote access and control, allowing fleet managers to monitor and operate the vehicle camera system.


Cloud integration

Able to integrate with cloud platforms to provide  data analysis and reporting capabilities, and support multi-location management.

多攝影機支援Multi-camera support

Able to simultaneously monitor multiple cameras, providing comprehensive coverage and more monitoring options.

自動事件觸發Automatic event triggering

Capable of automatically identifying and triggering events such as emergency braking, collisions and providing real-time alerts.

External Vehicle Applications

Forward Collision WarningLane Departure WarningPedestrian Collision Warning

In-car Applications

DMS, Intelligent Driving, Crowd Density, Overcrowding Detection, Passenger Counting


—  Applicable Fields  —

The application scope of the Vehicle Camera AI solution is extensive, contributing to enhanced road safety,improved vehicle transport efficiency, and providing additional data support and insights. It is suitable for various industries and usage scenarios.


Commercial Fleet Management

Used to monitor commercial vehicles, enhance driver safety, reduce accident risks, and improve transportation efficiency.


School Buses

Used on school buses to enhance student safety, monitor driving behavior, and provide parents and schools with information about students getting on and off the bus.


Public Transportation

Used on public transport vehicles such as buses, trains, and subways, it monitors vehicles and passengers, providing real-time information and safety alerts.


Rental Vehicles

Used for rental fleet management, tracking the location and usage of rental vehicles, providing better service.


Freight and Logistics

Used to monitor transport trucks and cargo transportation to ensure the safety of goods and improve delivery efficiency.


Municipal Traffic Management

Used in urban areas for traffic monitoring and management to improve traffic flow, enhance safety, and reduce congestion.

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