HI SHARP Website Upgrade Notification

Company News

Mon Nov 30 2020 16:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

We are pleased to announce that HI SHARP website (www.hisharp.com) has been revised for ease navigation and access.
HI SHARP continuously provide total solution from HD Analog camera, DVR, IP camera, NVR, Monitor, and accessories for CCTV product ranges.
The website continues to offer high-quality, high-resolution images of the items offered, accessible by clicking on the relevant product categories or by a keyword search. We trust that this revision will enable new and existing customers to search the website more effectively.
www.hisharp.com/taiwan will constantly update more latest products, so you can browse the new technology and products from time to time for this page.
We specially add on the “retired products” on each product category page, so you can easily figure out if the product is available or not.
We also add fast link in our page for you to quickly download the catalog, datasheet, firmware, software and our social media links.
Thanks for our client’s feedback to make HI SHARP webpage improved ,and we look forward to hearing from your constructive suggestion to have better user friendly webpage.