Product Information

  • HS-HK3382

    • AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS/IP record.
    • H.265 high profile compression algorithm, low bit rate, high picture quality.
    • Dual stream - individual network video streaming and DVR record streaming.
    • Phone remote view (iPhone / iPad / Android).
    • Support P2P. QR code connection.
    • Device ID setup for control keyboard.
    • AHD/TVI 5MP/4MP camera input.
    • Smart channel settings: Live / playback screen digital zoom, playback camera title and date / time position movable.
    • Operation log list / Network online users list check.
    • Intensive security function by chosen AUTHORITY.
    • Convenient backup by AVI file.
    • DVR control: mouse,control keyboard, network.
    • IVS: Missing object / Tampering detection / Tripwire / Line crossing. (Used with a specific camera)