- Q&A 


1. What is PAL, NTSC, SECAM ?

ANS : The above three kinds of nouns are that three major TVs existing in the whole world at present broadcast systematic specification.Different systematic films are unable to be shown on other two kinds of specifications!So should look out the system of camera from foreign countries while purchasing camera.

2. SDI camera installation distance limitations ?

ANS : The installation distance of SDI camera is about 100M, so suppose the distance will over 100M, then user can use repeater to install the SDI camera. (HDB011/HDB004)

3. During night time, the capture image of the camera is too dark or no image ?

ANS : The installation location is too dark or IR distance is insufficient.Recommended to choose high power or IR irradiation distance farther models.


1. What type of browser that DVR supports ?

Windows system: Currently IE or Firefox have supported. MAC system: Only support 32bit's Safari.

2. The date on DVR, time and display are inconsistent ?

The time zone setting error. (EX: Japan is to GMT+9:00). The battery in the DVR has run out off power and need to replace.

3. When DVR host boot, the screen displays no picture ?

ANS :Press the ESC or EXIT button of front panel about 5 second, DVR will automatically reboot and detect the supported resolution.

4. DVR can't read HDD information or record video ?

Confirm the recording function has enable or not. Confirm the HDD has been format.)。

5. AHR or TVR DVR can't add to CMS system ?

ANS :CMS system only support below type: 960H、D1、CIF.User can add AHD DVR or TVI DVR into NVMS1000 system.

6. Remote connection failure ?

1) The IP has been automatically blocked by DVR. User can go into main menu→Setup→Advanced→Block/Allow list, then click "Default" to remove the limited. 2) Please check that the port 6036 is correctly open in the router.

7. What size of a single hard disk currently can be support ?

The model after 960H series can support up to 4TB.

8. Can DVR support external hard disk backup?

It's possible but you need make sure the hard drive file format is FAT32.

9. Unable to hear audio in live ?

Check what type of microphone he's using , must be amplified micro with power supplied, by default the audio is disable, user needs to enable it manually.

10. How to use E-mail function to send alarm message or image ?

It support yahoo and gmail as the mail server.Fully operation method, please see the manual of CD.

11. Does DVR support monitoring with tablet pc or mobile phone ?

On Ipad, please go to APP store and download SUPERLIVEHD program. On Android 2.3 and above, please go to google play and download SUPERLIVEPRO program. On Windows 8 and Windows RT, up to now no program are availble.

12. Unable to backup from IE ?

Please run internet explorer as administrator.

13. Cant connect to dvr using Window 7 with IE9 ?

Adjust your browser security setting by adding the DVR ip to trusted site and decrease security level for trusted site to low.

14. Forget passwords?

Please contact technical person for universal password.